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Resources For Quartzsite Arizona RV Shows, News And Events

Quartzsite area local news and events

To find some of the current news and events in the Quartzsite area here are some sites that will give it to you.

Desert Messenger, Quartzsite, AZ

Palo Verde Valley times
Information source for Blythe, California, Quartzsite, Arizona and surrounding area communities

The town of Quartzsite AZ

The above sites will give you a current idea of the happenings in and around town as well as the local weather and other info you may need to plan your next trip to La-Z-Daze RV & Mobile Home Park.

Gold Prospecting and Gem Mining in Quartzsite AZ

Quartzsite is surrounded by BLM land and it is covered with roads that are accessible from a basic car to only by 4 wheel drive or ATV.  Arizona has some great laws on ATV type vehicles, basically if it has a plate on it you can use it like a car with the exception being on any divided highway – so in AZ it’s like having another car. The nearest BLM access is only 200 yards from the entrance to La-Z-Daze.

The BLM offices have some great online resources for the area you can check out before you get here as well. There are also plenty of locally written books on prospecting and mineral collecting available at the local Reader’s Oasis Book Store.

Your first stop in town for any Gold Prospecting and Gem Mining supplies should be at the Gold Miser shop on 95 heading north out of town. The gold Miser is run by some great people that will get you started in the right direction while doing your gold Prospecting in the Quartzsite area. While at the Gold Miser take time to join the Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club.

The Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club presently has 9 claims in the Plomosa Mining District, 3 claims are located in the Middle Camp Placers area, two are located in the Oro Fino Placers area, and 4 claims are located in the La Cholla Placers area. Middle Camp #1 is a 60 acre claim, Middle Camp #2 is a 40 acre claim, Golf #3 and Cocoa Baby #4 are each 20 acres in size. The 4 Crystal Mining Association claims are 20 acres each.  The Jumping Jack #1 claim is 160 acres. The Club is also about to open another 240 acres just purchased in the La Cholla Placer area for our members to prospect.

Just some of the gems and minerals that can be found around the Quartzsite area are Gold, Silver, Copper, Barite, Red Jasper, Hematite, Malachite, Agate, Alunite and Petrified wood.

If you like cutting and working your own finds, Quartzsite is home to one of the largest and most well equipped clubs I have ever seen – the Quartzsite Roadrunners Gem & Mineral Club.

Their shop areas include the following:

Lapidary Shop: The lapidary shop is used to cut and polish rocks. We have a saw room with three trim saws, and four large rock cutting saws. In addition there are 15 grinding wheel work stations, a dop station and a polishing wheel station.

Silversmith Shop: This shop is used for making silver pendants, rings, chains, bracelets, etc. There are twelve work stations and a central workbench for using hand tools.

Casting Shop: This shop includes tools and machinery for casting metal and glass. Kilns, torches, molds, etc are available to use for making cast silver rings, bracelets, pendants, and other findings. Glass fusion in also taught in this shop.

Faceting Shop: Our faceting shop is one of the largest in the country. We have seven workstations with Graves faceting machines available, plus room for three more member-owned machines. Members work on just about every gem they can find or buy.

Opal Shop: Members learn to cut and polish various kinds of opal in this shop. There are four flat lap work stations and a trim saw available here. Solid opal, triplets and doublets are cut from Australian, Ethiopian and Spencer opal.

Carving and knapping area: Attached to the main club building is an outside covered area used for carving and knapping. Classes in stone carving and flint knapping are taught every week, but members often use this area for additional knapping activity almost every day. Beautiful carvings of soapstone and knapped arrowheads can be seen here as members apply their skill in these areas.

So no matter what your Gold Prospecting and Gem Mining passion is, there is something for you to do in Quartzsite and La-Z-Daze RV & Mobile home park is conveniently located to easily get you there.

Quartzsite RV Show, Gems, Minerals And More Abound In Arizona Town

If you have ever been to Quartzsite from early November to late February you have been witness to one of the greatest shows on earth, sorry P.T Barnum but Quartzsite has stolen your thunder.

What Happens during this time is that the town of Quartzsite is transformed from a sleepy desert town of around 4000 people to a vibrant community of over 1 million people in the form of buyers, sellers and just lookers.

The amount of RV’s that descend into the town and surrounding BLM land is also amazing. Due to their only being one place in town to stay if you’re not a self-contained unit. The Quartzsite Yacht Club is the place to stay. There is a Super 8 outside of town but if space is open, there is no place better than the Yacht Club. The owners and staff make you feel at home and you near the action.

There are over 8 major Gem and Mineral shows as well as some handcraft one and thousands of vendors selling everything you never thought of. Most of these vendors make 75 percent of their sales for the year here.

The biggest draw and what brings most visitors and vendors to town is the RV show and sale in the World Famous Main Event tent. It starts with the RV show and transitions into a few other smaller shows including the classic car show and the gem and mineral show. The vendors change each week and there is always something new to see under the big tent at the Quartzsite AZ RV show.

While visiting the RV show there are many other shows and buying opportunities in town, the main ones are:

Tyson Wells Shows Grounds
Rock & Gem Show
Large selection of
Gems, Rocks, Minerals, Silver and Goldsmitthing, Precious Metals, Lapidary Tools, Equipment and Supplies.

Rice Ranch Show
Features vendors of every type sell everything from RV to prospecting supplies.

In Quartzsite on both sides of I-10 there are 2 main roads running along the highway Main and Kuehn Streets, along both you will find many show as well as all the top RV dealers in town to try to get you to be there next customer, so whatever it is you need for you RV adventure you can find it here at one of the RV shows.




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