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Quartzsite RV Show, Gems, Minerals And More Abound In Arizona Town

If you have ever been to Quartzsite from early November to late February you have been witness to one of the greatest shows on earth, sorry P.T Barnum but Quartzsite has stolen your thunder.

What Happens during this time is that the town of Quartzsite is transformed from a sleepy desert town of around 4000 people to a vibrant community of over 1 million people in the form of buyers, sellers and just lookers.

The amount of RV’s that descend into the town and surrounding BLM land is also amazing. Due to their only being one place in town to stay if you’re not a self-contained unit. The Quartzsite Yacht Club is the place to stay. There is a Super 8 outside of town but if space is open, there is no place better than the Yacht Club. The owners and staff make you feel at home and you near the action.

There are over 8 major Gem and Mineral shows as well as some handcraft one and thousands of vendors selling everything you never thought of. Most of these vendors make 75 percent of their sales for the year here.

The biggest draw and what brings most visitors and vendors to town is the RV show and sale in the World Famous Main Event tent. It starts with the RV show and transitions into a few other smaller shows including the classic car show and the gem and mineral show. The vendors change each week and there is always something new to see under the big tent at the Quartzsite AZ RV show.

While visiting the RV show there are many other shows and buying opportunities in town, the main ones are:

Tyson Wells Shows Grounds
Rock & Gem Show
Large selection of
Gems, Rocks, Minerals, Silver and Goldsmitthing, Precious Metals, Lapidary Tools, Equipment and Supplies.

Rice Ranch Show
Features vendors of every type sell everything from RV to prospecting supplies.

In Quartzsite on both sides of I-10 there are 2 main roads running along the highway Main and Kuehn Streets, along both you will find many show as well as all the top RV dealers in town to try to get you to be there next customer, so whatever it is you need for you RV adventure you can find it here at one of the RV shows.




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P.O. Box 578
Quartzsite, AZ 85346
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